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This is what I look for when I book a cam to cam sex show


Just like a great meal, a great cam show involves a symphony of ingredients that must come together just right in order to offer a truly memorable experience. A memorable encounter is what keeps clients coming back for more. Here are a few tips that can help cam girls take their sales to the next level.


Fast, HD video


Video quality matters. A lot. When I spend money on a cam show, I want to feel a real connection with the cam girl I hire. I want the experience to feel like she's almost in the room with me. I want to be able to look deep into her eyes and get a real sense of who she is. This level of immersion can only take place if the model is working with a true HD webcam connected to a solid internet connection with decent upstream speed.


And this doesn't need to be an expensive investment. A decent HD camera with built in video compression can be had for under $100. And upgrading your high speed internet to a product with decent upstream speeds should also be quite affordable. These are two small outlays that can really help increase your online revenues.


Girls, if you don't meet this criteria, you're going to loose a lot of prospective clients. A few years ago, you could get away with a standard definition video feed. But times have changed, and clients now want value and quality for their money.


Good lighting


Like most cameras, webcams produce their best results when the images they are broadcasting are well exposed. Nobody enjoys watching a poorly lit webcam model. Invest in a few shaded lamps that will diffuse a nice soft white light. Make sure they can work with high intensity light bulbs. Once you become successful, visit a professional photography store for some higher end umbrella lights.


Visit any cam site, and take note of the girls who rank at the top of the display listings. what do they all have in common? Great lighting. It really does make a difference.


A nice smile and an eagerness to please


Your looks will get prospective clients in the door, but it's your personality that will close the deal. Always remember that cam girls have two roles. First you're a marketing professional, then you become a saleswoman. A cam girl must be able to do both to be successful. A nice friendly smile, a cheerful disposition and an willingness to please are attributes no man can resist. Not only will these attributes help you close more sales, it will help you build a loyal following of repeat customers.


White linens on a nice soft bed


OK, maybe I'm the only one partial to this, but I like cam girls who perform on a nice set of clean white linens. This neutral color helps bring out all of the subtle features of the model while also diffusing light which improves the video quality. I don't want to be distracted by loud backgrounds or funky furniture. I want all of my attention focused on the model I hire. And that means a clean, minimalistic setting. Remember, this is all part of the marketing that will bring customers to your chat room, and not the competitions!


A USB headset for sound


Decent sound can make a good webcam sex show a great one. I don't want the show sounding like a girl moaning on a speaker phone. I want to be able to clearly hear her voice, her breathing and her moans. This is why cam girls should invest in wireless headsets. Trust us, it makes all the difference in the world. Watching you is fun, but hearing you is what ties it all together. It makes the whole experience much more immersive, and that's what keep us coming back for more.


Personal grooming counts


The girl next door look works. The supermodel look works. The slutty porn start look is also effective. But nobody wants to cam with a slob. Take some time for personal grooming before going online. Facial features are especially important. Makeup, lipstick and nice hair are paramount. Nice lingerie also whets the appetite, but I also like a girl in jeans and a t-shirt.


What I don't enjoy is a girl with a bush that would make a Chia Pet jealous. I like my models shaved, or at least neatly trimmed. I think that whole hairy pussy niche is a fairly narrow one. Might as well sell to the majority, and that means off with the excessive hair! Needless to say, that goes for armpits as well.


I hope you enjoyed this article. If you did, feel free to share it with your friends and neighbors - well, OK, your friends at least!