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Guest Post:

Independent Webcam Model

Jesse Quinn

If you’re a webcam sex fan who has been sticking solely to the cam sites you’re missing out on something awesome. How so? Independent adult models offer the best, the hottest and the easiest cam sex on the Internet, so if you confine yourself solely to the cam sites you’re missing out on all that independent webcam models have to offer.


The main perks of visiting independent webcam models to satisfy your cam sex fixes? First off we’re incredibly easy to find. Visit an independent webcam girl directory and if you find that the girl who gets you hard is offline, simply send her a message through her messenger service of choice and she’ll get back to you as soon as she logs in. Unlike cam sites where you have to rely on site notification services that often fail, independent webcam models are in complete control of their own visitor logs. We see each message from every prospective playmate who visits us,  and it’s very easy to arrange private one on one  webcam shows as independent webcam models tend not to work set ‘shifts’.  We don’t need to log into a cam site to meet up on Skype, Yahoo or MSN.


Another perk is that independent webcam models generally have a much more in depth web presence than other cam girls, so in checking out independent webcam model websites you’ll find out much more about who we are, what turns us on and what we do in our day to day lives. Regular cam site models have much less ability to express themselves as they are limited to short cam site profiles, and as such it’s not uncommon to find yourself in a free chat room seeking something specific but unable to discern if the webcam model with whom you’re interacting actually provides what you seek. Independent webcam models have the liberty of the opposite approach; we use our websites to convey who we are as individuals, as cam girls and as cam sex freaks so within a few moments of surfing an independent webcam model’s website you should be able to get a good grasp as to whether she’s compatible with what it is you are seeking.


Lastly, independent webcam models are the best because each webcam experience we offer is unique, exclusive and totally tailored to your desires. With us you don’t need to brave the ‘hi bb’ banality of a free chat room, and you’re not sharing our attention with multiple other cam playmates at once. Independent webcam models by definition offer personalized and exclusive webcam sex sessions, where you are the center of attention and your desires are paramount, all at a lower cost than you’ll find on the network cam sites.


If you’re new to independent webcam models and are curious to find out more, you can check me out at my independent skype camgirl website. I also have a fun cam girl blog  where I write all about my cam sex and fetish adventures, with lots of info for cam sex fans who are new to the world of independent webcam models. Independent webcam models offer the best cam sex on the Internet, try it and you’ll never go back to the cam sites.