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Safety Tips

Before hooking up for online sex, make sure you take some precautions to safeguard your identity.


The advent of high speed internet access has ushered in a new era of sexual experimentation. Every day, more and more people are turning towards technology to explore their innermost fantasies in a seemingly anonymous fashion. But are you taking all the necessary precautions to secure your online privacy? Let's look at some steps you can take to help keep your online sex activities discreet.


The first step is to ensure that the room you intend to use for your cybersex activities is secure. If you live by yourself, this can be a fairly easy task to accomplish. If you share a dwelling, you might want to invest in a door lock and a pair of headphones. Discretion and respect for your roommates goes a long way here. Once access is secured, you need to consider what's in your webcam's field of view. Pictures on the wall, structures visible through your window, posters or any other items with identifiable traits should be moved.


The next item is your internet connection. Your internet service provider (ISP) keeps a log of every website you visit. This is a common practice with just about any ISP, but the data is rarely, if ever consulted unless there’s a request to do so by the authorities. If you wish to keep your online activities anonymous, you should consider using a proxy server with VPN support in order to encrypt your online activities and ensure that nothing appears in your IPS's  usage logs. HMA Proxy is an easy to install VPN proxy service that can be turned on and off at the touch of a button. The product is fast and reliable - and best of all, discreet and private.


Once your internet connection is secured, you need to consider privacy and confidentiality at the computer level, especially if you're using a shared workstation. For starters, always make sure you create your own password protected account on the computer. This will ensure that your cookies and browser history will be stored within your own personal profile. Be aware, however, that any other user with administrative rights will still be able to access these files. To help protect yourself, turn on your browser's privacy mode (also known as incognito) to keep the system from recording telltale signs of your browsing activities. To be on the safe side, download a free copy of CCLEANER - this free program does a very thorough job of erasing all traces of your online activities.


The last step is to protect your personal identity. Create a dedicated GMAIL account for your online sex communications. GMAIL features great security, including two step authentication. Just remember to disable your proxy service before using GMAIL, as it may be flagged as a foreign attempt to log into your email account. Never use your real name when registering your email account, or when corresponding with others. Remember, cybersex is all about fantasy and mystery; invent your own alter ego and use that character when playing online.


Depending on which form of cybersex you practice, you'll need to take additional steps to protect your personal identity. Anonymity is the name of the game here. You'll have a much more enjoyable online experience if you're confident that your privacy is well protected. When text chatting, remember to never share any personal information about yourself, friends or your occupation. When sharing photos, remember that pictures taken with a smartphone include GPS coordinates in the photo metadata. Always turn off this geo tagging feature on your smartphone before taking pictures.


When it comes to webcam sex, be extra careful. Keeping with the fantasy and mystery theme, don't be afraid to jazz things up with a wig and/or a sexy mask. And remember, you’re under no obligation to show yourself on webcam. If you prefer to only show from the neck down, that’s perfectly acceptable. What matters here are your personal limits. You set the boundaries. If your online sex partner cannot respect your limits, move on to someone who will.


We hope you found this information useful - play safe and most of all, have fun!