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How to find a good, affordable lesbian webcam sex show.


Let’s not beat around the bush (no pun intended). Men love watching two women make love. In fact, that’s the main reason why threesomes are men’s number one sexual fantasy. But let’s face it, while many dream of having sex with two bisexual ladies, for most the experience will always remain in the realm of fantasy.


But thanks to webcam sex, it doesn’t have to be that way.


There are lots of fun lesbian and bisexual couples out there who would be more than happy to hookup with you over the net for a fun webcam based cyber threesome. And because you’re paying the piper, you get to call the tune. That’s right. When you hire lesbian webcam models, you essentially become the director of your own personal porn show. How cool is that? In two words, very cool!


How much does a lesbian sex show cost?


Depending on where you do your shopping, you should expect to pay between $1 to 3$ per minute for a lesbian webcam show. You can pay more, but why would you want to. It’s safe to say that for between $50 to $100, you can spend between 30-45 minutes directing your own private lesbian sex show. That’s a fair price for the level of interactive entertainment you will be receiving.


Where can I find lesbian webcam models?


The most affordable models tend to work on websites that feature girls from Eastern Europe. These girls are very attractive and extremely open minded. While some will connect for as little as $1 per minute, most perform for between $1.50 to $2 per minute. Our favorite site is The site features lots of girls from Romania and Czechoslovakia who are both very pretty and extremely perverted. A combination we like.


Another good bet is amateur lesbian cam girls. They tend to be from the United States and Western Europe. These girls are often in their late teens or twenties and often college or university students looking to pay off their loans. They tend to be lots of fun, but can be somewhat shy and hesitant - therefore make sure to vet them in free chat before laying your money down. and are two sites where lots of amateur lesbian cam girls hang out and perform for reasonable rates.


How to choose the right lesbian couple.


When shopping around for a girl-girl webcam show, from experience I can tell you that it’s buyer beware in cyberspace. Too many female couples aren’t true lesbians and try to rip off customers by performing a simulated lesbian sex show. It’s nothing less than fraud.

Because I’m an experienced consumer, I can spot fraudulent performers rather easily. Here are some tips to avoid being ripped off.


Always get to know the girls in free chat before paying for a webcam show. Cam girls hate time wasters, but they are savvy enough to know that when a customer starts asking specific questions, they are most likely interested in a buying a show and will probably answer you honestly. So don’t be shy, tell the girls what you are looking for and what your expectations are. If the girls seem reluctant, move on. They are not the real deal.


If the performers are truly lesbians or bisexual, you’ll pick up on the chemistry between them. It’s hard to describe because it isn’t always a tangible thing, but girls who are lovers will show a real affinity for each other. Keep an eye on how they gaze at each other, their body language and other subtle cues that suggest that the girls genuinely like each other.


Listen to their voices. When you ask them questions, do they sound nervous when they answer. To they look at each other and seem reluctant to give you a straight answer. If so, they are probably not real lesbian performers or newbies.


Many fraudulent performers will take take their time to get undressed and onto the action in an effort to make more money. Once again, free chat is your best friend. Tell prospective performers that they are expected to get naked and perform the sex acts you request in a timely manner. Also specify that you expect unobstructed views of the action. This will help eliminate cam girls who perform fake and/or simulated lesbian shows.



Recommended sites for great lesbian webcam shows: Lesbian cam shows is all about connected with truly perverted webcam models from Eastern Europe. Surprisingly, many of them speak decent english.


Don’t be shy with these girls, tell them exactly what sex acts you want to see them perform. From my experience, they will do just about anything for very little money.


The video quality here is surprisingly good considering the price point. One of our favorite sites to go trolling on for truly dirty lesbian cam shows.




ImLive lesbian cams is a great destination to meet lesbian performers from all over the world.


There are lots of amateur girl-girl couples here who perform for really affordable price points. The site is very large, so it’s important to shop around.


Even if the girls aren’t online, take some time and email them to set up some chat time. Your patience here will be well rewarded.



CamContact is also a great destination for low cost webcam sex. The site features thousands of amateur cam girls from all over the world. Many of them are students, so it’s a good place to meet bisexual cam girls in their early twenties.


Do note that you will need to register for a free account before being able to engage the girls in free chat. And the prices here are super cheap, so there are lots of great deals to be had.




AdultWork is a large marketplace for all things related to sex.


From escorts, to webcam sex to phone sex - it’s all here in one convenient package.


Their webcam sex section can be somewhat cumbersome to navigate, and the thumbnails are rather small, but the selection of amateur performers here is quite nice and the prices among the lowest in the industry. Well worth a visit.