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How to watch cam girls using your iPad and Apple TV

It's time to go big - real big. If you own an iPad, iPad Sex Finder is going to blow you away. If you also own an Apple TV, you're in for a real treat.


Let's face it, the iPad does many things well, but it really shines as a media player. The retina display combined with a fast video processor really brings video content to life. Unfortunately, very few webcam sex sites have taken advantage of everything the iPad (and iPhone) have to offer - until now.


You see, iPad Sex Finder is a service that was built with the iPad in mind. For starters, the interface is designed for touch. You can open any model chat room by simply tapping on it. But where the site really shines is in the quality of the video streams. We recommend you check this out by opening a chat room with HD video - you'll be amazed at how smooth the video is, and if you're lucky enough to have a retina display, the girls look even better. And yes, you can plug in your headphones to listen the girls as they perform.


But it gets even better. If you take a close look at the bottom right of your video window, you'll see an apple Airplay icon. If you have an Apple TV, clicking on this button will instantly send your cam girl broadcast to your large screen TV. Think she looked good on your retina display, wait till you see her in almost real life aspect ratio. It's hard to describe how incredibly immersive this experience is. It's almost like she's in the room with you.


What we enjoyed the most is that you can continue to use your iPad to control your session, chat or browse other cam girls. When you find someone you like, you simply hit the Airplay button to watch her on your TV. Want to take this experience to the next level? Find two fun lesbian cam girls and you can direct your own porn show right from your favorite chair. This is effectively interactive porn in it's truest form.


Want to try this out for yourself? Dig out your iPad (or any other tablet for that matter, it also works with Android) and surf on over to iPad Sex Finder with your favorite web browser. You'll like what you find, we guarantee it!